Brain Injury Leads to El Paso Car Accident Death

Aug 2013

An injury to the brain can be extremely serious as the brain controls all cognitive function and provides directions to all systems in the body.   Unfortunately, our El Paso accident lawyers know that brain injuries happen frequently in car accidents and, in many cases, these brain injuries cause lasting harm or are even fatal.

One recently accident in West El Paso, for example, led to the death of a 25-year-old woman as a result of brain injuries. The woman lost her life after an accident in mid-July in Upper Valley.

West El Paso Car Crash Leads to Brain Injury and Death

According to, a 25-year-old woman was driving in Upper West Valley when the back of her vehicle was hit by another driver.  The rear-end collision caused the 25-year-old victim to lose control of her vehicle and to hit a utility pole.

Unfortunately, striking the utility pole left the driver with both a fractured right clavicle and with severe head trauma. Doctors at the hospital indicated that she had no brain activity as a result of the head trauma she sustained.

While the accident victim was on life support for several days as her mother prayed for a miracle, the victim made no progress and the young woman was removed from life support on the 15th of July.  She was disconnected from life support at approximately 11 in the morning and she died just moments later.

The accident remains under investigation, but law enforcement indicates that the driver who rear-ended the victim drove off after the accident. This driver was  reportedly found alone in a Volkswagen Jetta, crying hysterically and with her head resting on an airbag that had been deployed. She reportedly said that she had pulled over as a result of having pain in her arms and that she had no idea what happened.

A law enforcement officer who found the woman who allegedly caused the crash said that she had alcohol on her breath and failed a field sobriety test. She has been charged with both an accident involving personal injury or death and with intoxicated assault.  Unfortunately, even if she is convicted and even if the family members of the deceased are able to make a wrongful death claim, nothing can bring back the young 25-year-old accident victim who suffered a fatal blow to the head.

Head Injuries are a Leading Cause of Death

Head injuries are entirely too common as a result of motor vehicle collisions and, in many cases, they can be fatal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , for example, reports that around 1.7 million total new traumatic brain injuries are diagnosed every year and that as many as 30.5 percent of all deaths related to injuries result from traumatic brain injury.

Air bags aim to help prevent this type of devastating and life-threatening injury to the brain. But they aren’t foolproof and drivers and passengers can still do serious damage to their brain, especially if they are involved in a high-impact or head on collision. The only way to truly reduce the number of deaths due to brain injury that occur each year is for every motorist to make a strong commitment to safe driving, and for you to make a commitment to wear your seat belt – on every ride. .

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